Culpeper Regional Airport

Culpeper airport (CJR) is one of the outstanding general aviation airports in Virginia. Now home to 160 aircraft, with a 5,000 foot runway and a flourishing charter service, CJR has recently acquired more acreage to continue the expansion that has brought it to first place in non-towered airports in VA in a number of categories. These range from airport/tourist visitor spending to general aviation movements serving 23,000 passengers per year.

Airport Facts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any landing fees or minimum fuel requirements?
No, and no!

What is the frequency for IFR clearance and can you get it on the ground?
121.600, and yes!

What fuel types are available and are they self or full service?
100LL and JET-A+ full-service.

What is the runway weight capacity?
28F/B/X/U, 40000 single wheel.

Are courtesy cars available?
Yes, however, first come, first serve.

Is a conference room available for use?
Yes, prior reservation required.

How close are hotels and restaurants?
As close as 11 miles or 15 minutes.

How close to Washington DC are you?
Located outside of the SFRA (Special Flight Rules Area). Approx. 45-60 minute drive.

Culpeper AirFest

AirFest logo
The  Culpeper AirFest is a celebration of our aviation heritage and is a fun, family-friendly, community-oriented event. The show is locally produced, free to the public and draws top performers from around the nation offering something for everyone. If you’re an aviation enthusiast, you will definitely want to check us out! Learn more about past and future events at

AirFest logoDo you have a student who’s interested in science and aviation? Be sure to see what we’re doing in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Visit Culpeper AirFest STEM.

Unrestricted Airspace

The following graphic shows CJR’s proximity to Washington, D.C., and how it is NOT in the restricted area — nor in the 30 mile radius to Dulles. Therefore, CJR is a good place to operate since there are minimal restrictions. Access the interactive map.

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