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More than 30% growth is impressive when you are talking about the population of a town or city. New York City’s population increased only 5.5% since their last census. With that perspective, 30% growth feels rapid – and it is. We’re talking about Culpeper County, Virginia.

Over the past two decades, Culpeper County has outpaced the State of Virginia in population growth rate, and is expected to continue to do so, according to the Virginia Employment Commission. Between 2000 and 2017, Culpeper County increased its population by over 30%. It is forecasted to add another 20,000 residents over the next 20 years. Since 2010, the growth has been perfectly balanced, with 50% from births and 50% from an inflow of new residents.

In 2000 The U.S. Census Bureau reported that Culpeper County had a population of 34,471 people. As of the 2010 census, the number had grown to 46,689.  The estimated population in 2017 is 51,282. By 2040, the population of Culpeper will likely be 70,000, with a projected growth of over 30% from 2020 to 2040.  

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the workforce of Culpeper County to be just under 25,000 people — and growing. The reality is, the available workers from the extended labor pool is over 500,000.  Approximately half of the Culpeper workforce is currently traveling outside of the county for work. This offers companies expanding to the county a large potential workforce to choose from, in addition to the 9,000 people who commute to Culpeper for employment from outside counties .

What is it that makes Culpeper so attractive to newcomers? Perhaps it’s the beautiful countryside. Maybe it’s the proximity to a variety of activities and events, or maybe it’s the convenience of the Amtrak train. Whatever the reason, Culpeper County is growing rapidly and is poised to continue to do so.

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