Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Business is going well. You’ve mastered the level you are currently on but now is time to expand operations and grow.

1. Get more funding
If you aren’t able to cash fund your expansion efforts, you’ll need to raise capital. Make your business case. Prepare your financial statements. The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority may be of assistance!

2. Expand to new locations
If you are looking to enter new locations, review and update your marketing plan. Add up the cost of customer acquisition in this new market. Review your business finances with this new cost in mind. You may have to review “Launch Your Business” for this new location.

3. Join a networking group
There are plenty of networking groups that are local, state or national. The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce is a local networking group.

4. SBA Resources to review
The SBA has additional resources for specific businesses. You can review ones relevant to your business:

Small Business Resources

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