Plan Your Business

Plan Your Business

Every good business starts with a good plan. Below are resources to help you through the planning phase.

1. Research your business idea.
What’s your business idea? Is there a market? How much will it cost to operate? What are your projected revenues? Answer a few questions about your business idea will determine if there is a market for your a successful business.

Check out the US Small Business Administration resources for market research and competitive analysis.

2. Write your business plan.
Every business should have a formal business plan. SBA has resources to give you a sample business plan.

The local Central Virginia Small Business Development Center (CVSBDC) has available counselors to help you plan your business, at no cost to you. There is a CVSBDC office here in Culpeper! There are free CVSBDC training opportunities also available. Call (434) 295 8198 or email for more information.

3. Fund your business
Your business plan should determine what money on hand will be needed to fund your idea. The SBA has available resources to determine your startup costs. There are outside funding sources for businesses as well. Be prepared as you seek outside capital. Check out the SBA’s guide on funding.

Launch Your Business

The plan has come together and is ready for launch. Get ready, the countdown is on!