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Career Partners is an all-volunteer organization with a mission to become a recognized educational model in creating synergy between local business, government and community. Today, Career Partners oversees five educational programs and serves more than 3,000 local students with the passion and drive of its Board of Directors, educators and the business community. Learn more about each program below:

E Squared

Spring Semester
E Squared stands for “Entrepreneurial Energy” and is Career Partners’ signature program. The semester-long competition consists of teams of high school students, paired with business coaches, and are charged with developing a new business venture. During the final weeks of the program, the teams pitch their business idea to hypothetical investors for a real life business experience. Each winning team member receives $5,000 in scholarship funds. 2018 marked a key milestone, with E Squared celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary.

Maker Energy Faire

Fall Semester
This one-day community event showcases Culpeper County Public Schools IT Resource Teachers, and their amazing classroom projects. The inaugural Maker Energy Faire in 2017 was deemed a success with over 1,000 attendees from around the community, 100+ volunteers and over 40 “maker” exhibits ranging from Drones, to 3-D printers, to Legos and more. 2018 saw over 2,000 attendees with even more exhibits and hands-on learning!


Fall Semester
In partnership with Culpeper Air Fest and Germanna Community College, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) provides an amazing day of discovery and learning for all 600 Culpeper 5th graders at the Culpeper Regional Airport. Students experience firsthand how STEM concepts are used in real world applications. For more information, visit Culpeper Air Fest.

Career Expo

Spring Semester:
Career Expo is a one-day program held at Eastern View High School to showcase career pathways for all 1,200 Culpeper County 8th, 10th & 12th graders. In partnership with the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce and the school system’s Career and Technical Education department, local businesses and over 100 volunteers participate in this annual event. At Career Expo, students are exposed to a diverse set of “career clusters” designed to help them target course study and advance their career goals.

Mock Interviews

Fall Semester
The Mock Interview program requires all 500 Culpeper County Public School 11th graders to create a resume, write a cover letter, apply and interview for a hypothetical job by volunteers from the business community. Interviewers critique the written material, then facilitate a 10 minute oral interview, followed by a live feedback session, all in a friendly, professional environment. Over 120 volunteers and students from both Culpeper high schools participate in this amazing program each year.

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